Peri Voulis

“Multimedia application for the Greek Parliament on mobile devices”

© EAP, 2015

In application :

  • Learn about the institution of the Hellenic Parliament, the Legislative work, the building, the Constitutional history.
  • Find out about the organization of the House, the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Parties and Members of this House.
  • Find out about this week’s Meeting Schedule.
  • Read the press releases, the decisions posted on Transparency.
  • View selected shows on the TV station of the House.
  • Attend plenary and committee meetings in live broadcast.
  • Read selected versions of the Greek Parliament on your mobile phone.
  • Contact the House and the Member of your District. Interact with Tweets from official agency and policy accounts on Twitter, and more!

This application is part of a thesis prepared in the context of the PLI40, and the other results of the respective Diploma Thesis (IP) are jointly owned by the EAP and the student, each of whom has the right to use and reproduce it independently (at whole or in part) for teaching and research purposes, in each case indicating the title and the author and the CRC where the PP was prepared as well as the supervisor and the crisis committee. Anagnostou Konstantinos, creator, postgraduate student supervisor A, Styliaras Georgios, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Management and New Technologies

Android operating system and scattering versions of that operating system can bring about changes in the application environment. For any problem, please send me a message. The information mentioned in the application comes from websites of the Hellenic Parliament. The information mentioned in the Members’ CVs has been retrieved from the official House portal, but will be updated regularly with personal work, which will include extracting the information from its official source and providing it again.

*** Libraries & Licenses

  • YouTube Android Player API
  • Glide * Exomedia
  • Google Maps API
  • Analytics API
  • jsoup
  • Twitter (Fabric)
  • okhttp3
  • Firebase